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  1. Taking a closer look at a couple options for stress management that may sound familiar but that you may not know much about. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Hypnotherapy More info on the blog!
  2. Behavioral and Diet Therapies in Integrated Care for Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome Authors: W.D. Chey, L. Keefer, K. Whelan, P.R. Gibson Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a common, symptom-based condition that has negative effects on quality of life and costs healthcare systems billions of dollars each year. Until recently, management of IBS has focused on over the counter and prescription medications that reduce symptoms in fewer than half of patients. Patients have increasingly sought natural solutions for their IBS symptoms. However, behavioral techniques and dietary modification can be effective in treatment of IBS. Behavioral interventions include gastrointestinal-focused cognitive behavioral therapy and gut-directed hypnotherapy, to modify interactions between the gut and the brain. In this pathway, benign sensations from the gut induce maladaptive cognitive or affective processes that amplify symptom perception. Symptoms occur in response to cognitive and affective factors that trigger fear of symptoms or lack of acceptance of disease, or from stressors in the external environment. Among the many dietary interventions used to treat patients with IBS, a diet low in fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols (FODMAPs) is the most commonly recommended by healthcare providers and has the most evidence for efficacy. Patient with IBS who choose to follow the low-FODMAP diet should be aware of its 3 phases: restriction, reintroduction, and personalization. Management of IBS should include an integrated care model, in which behavioral interventions, dietary modification, and medications are considered as equal partners. This approach offers the greatest likelihood for success in management of patients with IBS. Keywords cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnosis, FODMAPs, ARFID © 2020 by the AGA Institute
  3. At a recent American College of Gastroenterology conference, Laurie Keefer PhD, Ichan School of Medicine at Mount Sinai felt that there is good evidence for behavioral therapy (CBT) for IBS patients. She strongly suggests that Gastroenterologists refer patients to this therapy.
  4. Lackner: Global IBS Symptom Improvement in Cognitive Bahvioral Therapy (CBT)
  5. Rome Foundation Board Member Dr. Laurie Keefer is featured in this piece by CNN on the psychology of #IBS and how mindfulness and nueromodulators can help manage #IBS symptoms. The brain and the gut are connected! https://www.cnn.com/videos/health/2018/11/07/gut-brain-ibs-staying-well.cnn
  6. EurekAlert (press release) Study finds IBS patients obtain enduring relief from home-based treatment program University at Buffalo Reporter In the largest federally funded, non-drug, clinical trial for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), patients with the most severe and persistent symptoms achieved robust and sustained relief by learning to control symptoms with minimal clinician contact. Led ... IBS patients obtain robust, enduring relief from home-based treatment programEurekAlert (press release) all 3 news articles » View the full article
  7. IBS Research Study: Free Self-Help Book, Participants Needed A research study with Dr. Melissa Hunt comparing the effectiveness of two different IBS self-help books. One is a low FODMAP diet book and the other is a cognitive behavioral therapy book. Both have been proven effective. We would send you one of them for free to your home and all you need to do is read and fill out some questionnaires over the course of the study. More information here >> https://www.ibspatient.org/node/165
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