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Found 2 results

  1. Ceasersalad

    Flare up

    Hi. I've been diagnosed 10yrs now, I have ibs mixed , predominantly its D . I've had a few too many flare ups this year. I am afraid too eat. What foods are best during flare ups ? There are conflicting information online. My GP isn't much help, I can't eat certain foods , apples, banana, nuts, yogurts , no matter what I eat I have to go to the bathroom straight after. I've been prescribed Mebeverine and peppermint capsules, they somewhat help . It makes me anxious to eat at work especially
  2. Hi there! I was diagnosed with IBS by my gastroenterologist following a colonoscopy in January 2022. I am 58 years old and my last colonoscopy was in 2010 When I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, or actually Proctitis since it was so localized. My symptoms in 2010 were bloody stool so it was very obvious when I was flaring. I was given a prescription for Canasa and found a support group that recommended a Paleo diet. This worked great for me for many years. I stayed (mostly) grain free and dairy free and felt that I had a very good handle on what foods could trigger an attack. In January, I had another colonoscopy because I was waking up with horrible cramping and abdominal pain. After my colonoscopy my doctor told me, " Good News! No UC, Bad News you have IBS." He also prescribed Dicyclomine for my cramping. Interestingly enough, my cramping usually happens in the middle of the night- not during the day. I also have not been able to find any correlation between my diet, abdominal pain and quality of my stool. In October, My daughter in law, who is a dietitian, gave me a blood test- believe it is called the Mediator Release Test. The results were very confusing to me. My number one and only "red" food was peanuts- something I rarely eat. I have a number of "yellow" foods- mushroom, celery and apple amongst others that I consumed on a regular basis. I was very surprised to also see almond as a yellow food- Since my UC diagnosis I mostly use almond flour, eat almond chips and avoid wheat! For the last few months I have avoided peanuts and most of my yellow foods. Yesterday I did something different! I ordered a rice bowl with chicken, steak and black beans from Chipotle. I enjoy spice but to say this was extremely spicy is an understatement! I was at work with nothing else to eat so I did have most of it. I woke up at 4AM with intense cramping and belly pain- a 9 on a scale of 1-10. I took a Dicyclomine and tried to sleep. Two hours later I had a normal formed stool but still intense pain. I started looking for support groups and found this one! I'm really at a loss-the only thing I can think of is that I was not tested for black beans- just pinto. I would appreciate any advice- I don't know if I have IBS-D or C, I feel that my main problem is pain. I am also HLA-B27 positive so I have the inflammatory marker. I would appreciate hearing from others that may have the same issues as I do. Thank you so much!
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