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Found 6 results

  1. I am a generally healthy and active 23 year old who has drawn the conclusion that I am suffering from IBS-C and I don’t know where to begin in terms of managing this/ healing myself. I believe my symptoms are related to stress and anxiety. (Especially as my dentist has recently noticed I am an intense teeth clencher ). I have never dealt with irregular bowel movements before. I first had a bout of terrible constipation and bloating in May of this year. I was terribly stressed and anxious over a final exam in my hardest course that would inevitably determine wether I’d make or break my Straight A streak. I had never felt more terrible. The bloating, the gas, the lack of appetite, the nausea. Though I still managed to pass at least one bowel movement a day I still didn’t feel great. Once the test was over, my grades came in and I walked across that stage excepting my diploma, all was well again. I dealt with mild bloating the months after but nothing Intense that weren’t self resolving very quickly. However, when august rolled around and I found myself under immense stress and anxiety once again my bowels locked up. I am preparing to move abroad to the UK to begin law school and the visa process was severely stressing me out. I had the same symptoms I did last may. Within a little over a week my ailments dissipated. And here I am again….almost exactly a month later. A week and a half out from making my big move to the UK and im dealing with this constipation, bloating, gas, nausea, and lack of appetite again. I don’t know what to do or where to begin to manage this. I don’t want to feel sick anymore. I have a bowel movement once a day but its never a complete elimination and I can feel as stressful events come up my body stops working. My mom has urged me to join these types of forums and groups just as she’s done to help heal her own gut health and thyroid. I also have a really great boyfriend, who I’m about be living with in the UK, who also deals with IBS, more specifically IBS-D, that he was diagnosed with back in our early teen years. I want to know where to begin in terms of diet and supplements and healing. I know I first and foremost need to manage my stress and anxiety and if anyone has any good tips on how to do this I would greatly appreciate it. I’m 23, I feel far too young to be dealing with the level of stress and anxiety I am enduring. I am crying out into the void of an uncertain world, I’m about to make a huge move across the globe, and I feel under immense pressure to “make it” in my adult life. I WANT TO FEEL GOOD AND HEALTHY AND NORMAL!!! This was a long post and probably more of a ramble than anything useful but I just need to break into a space where maybe I can seek out and find help. What I’m Currently doing to manage this all now: 1. Taking 2 types of magnesium supplements together 2. Peppermint tea 3. Beginning a process of elimination diet.
  2. This is super embarrassing, but I feel like I have a constant stream of gas leaving my rear. I can minimize it by not eating/ eating very little and taking ginger capsules. I’m 24 turning 25 but have had this symptom for years now and I don’t think it’s age related. My diagnosis is IBS-C with gastritis. This makes socializing very hard at times. All I want to do is barricade myself in my room. I noticed when I’m nervous it’s worse.... but even when I’m alone it happens also.
  3. I suffer with extreme bloating, gas feels like bubbling, too much urge and many trips to the bathroom. Can't eat properly due to this problem. Suffering from 24;years, medicines don't help much. I remain stressed
  4. biochemstudent


    Hi, I am new to this group, but I am wondering if any one has insight. I have had an ongoing issue with what my PCP believes is IBS-D, but I never received a firm diagnosis so now I am seeing a GI. About 10 years ago I had a pretty intense bought with a virus which caused both vomitting and diarrhea for a week straight. Once I recovered, I noticed I had irregular stools. This problem has only gotten more irregular and now is to the point where I only have loose stools and diarrhea with urgency, but no incontinence. I have recently had blood work and stool samples ordered by my GI which to my surprise came back normal - negative for inflammation, cdif, parasite, blood, etc with enzymatic tests coming back normal. My GI advised me to abstain from eating foods with lactose and I have, but I'm still having problems. Due to covid I am highly anxious to go in for an appointment with my GI, but I know an endoscopy is the next step for me. I am wondering if any one might have similar experiences? Thank you
  5. Halfdozen

    My New Normal

    I’m new to this site. For many years, I’ve been told by doctors that I suffered from IBS. Usually, my episodes would come & go, & didn’t debilitate me too much. Often, symptoms would come on in times of stress. But, now that I’m older, for the past 2 yrs, they’ve been constant. I am plagued daily with constant stomach gurgling, excessive burping, gas, & bloating which are worse after eating. I’ve had numerous GI tests & bloodwork, & all were within normal range. I have taken the antidepressant, Lexapro for many years. Prior to the past 2 yrs, I had no gastric issues while on this drug. But, now I’m wondering if I’ve hit a tolerance with it, & it is giving me these symptoms. It does say gastric issues can be a side effect to these drug. Any input would be appreciated.
  6. Jeffrey Roberts

    Bloated vs. Distended

    What's the difference between being bloated and distended? The difference between being bloated vs. distended is a feeling of being full of gas versus looking like you are full of gas, ie: 6 months pregnant.
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