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Found 2 results

  1. Long-time lurker, first time poster. I was diagnosed with IBS about 20 years ago, but have had a major issue over the last two months that seems different and I was hoping for some insight. Two months ago, I started having consistent diarrhea I've never had before, along with abdominal pain. It came out almost smoky looking, and would disintegrate upon hitting the water. That has evolved into many different forms of stool over this time. My stool has ranged from normal color to light green, from small tiny nuggets to ragged looking short pieces, to light or dark fatty pieces that float, to light or dark fatty pieces that sink, white mucus sometimes a little sometimes a lot, to everything in between. Now, my bowels seem to have become a bit more consistent where I'm able to go three distinct times in the morning: first bowel movement looks somewhat normal, but narrow, second bowel movement looks a little more ragged but not bad, and the third looks a bit worse and breaks up at the bottom of the bowl (but not diarrhea). I've had the following tests done: CT scan of abdomen, MRI/MRCP (to rule out pancreas issues), endoscopy and colonoscopy. After all of that, my GI is clinging to the idea that this is a post-infectious IBS matter in-part since my stools started off so bad in early July but are more consistent (but not good) now. However, I've had a lot of fatigue (some really bad days), upper back pain (I just had an MRI because my orthopedist said my C5/C6 vertebrae nerves seem "loaded" based on a nerve test, and tingling in my right arm/leg (particularly at night, where the tingling in my foot keeps me awake). I've had weight loss, down from 157-ish to 148 and counting, and don't have much of an appetite. That's never happened to me before. Some nausea, but no vomiting. I'm really hoping there really is a connection between the back issues and the tingling, because otherwise if it is related to the GI issues than I might get concerned about the pancreas again. Does this sound like post-infectious IBS to anyone, given the totality of everything I mentioned? The continued weight loss and lack of appetite given it's "post-infectious" IBS has me worried as well. If anyone has any insight on this, I would really appreciate it. Thank you!
  2. What is the difference between IBS classifications? I see some people say they have different ones with letters after them, what does that mean? am very new at this so just learning, thanks
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