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Found 2 results

  1. Revan Sithari

    New to the Group

    Just wanted to introduce myself. You can call me Revan. I have been suffering from IBS since Oct1995. It came into being from a motor vehicle crash on 3Jan1993. I was in the breakdown lane when a drunk driver; the 4th in a 2 year span, drove into me at over 100mph. I died but for some reason Death rejected me and threw me back. There was no light or tunnel or my life flashing on my soul's eyes on the way out but on the way back. It is PTSD incurred and was the first symptom of it. It began one day as I was driving to work. I had normally driven 10-12 miles, but after the place went out of business the new job was 55 miles away. Well after driving there for about 45-50 days it began out of the blue. I had pooped that morning which was normal and was out of the house in the car and had to rush in to go, this happened 3-4 times before I finally left. Then again about 15-20 min later while on the road very unexpectedly and urgently. I was then getting off at every exit. Within days I was averaging from 18 to 24 times in the span of 4 hours. Needles to say I was late for work and continued to be so. Thankfully I was good at what I do so they just kept adjusting my schedule. I was diagnosed with IBS and given Diocyclomene(?), which did not help. My Dr then scheduled me for a Barium Enema, a travesty of humiliation and discomfort. It revealed nothing abnormal. About after a year the frequency declined and became more erratic and spread throughout the day. Though now I am incontinent, was in the past but not often( 2-4xs a year),and have had episodes of going in my pants 2-3 times in a day. The worse was when I went 6 days in a row and couple of those days multiple times. The first day right in the parking lot of the apartment complex, thankfully it was raining hard and washed it away. 2nd day not so lucky, other than it was 5:30AM. So I was able to go inside clean myself and change then head back to clean the mess in the parking lot. I have not worked in 3 years, but start my Lady's car and make sure her tires are at the proper pressure. I was hit by a Texting Teen 3 years ago and suffer from pinched nerve that has contorted my body and limited my mobility as well as triggering my PTSD and IBS to new levels including the incontinence. I have not found a medication to help nor is it influenced by diet. Just recently I have lost 20lbs in one day, from 215 to 195. It was mostly water being released. Some sludge or muddy type as well. At one point in 2020 I was up to 235, but over the course of a week I was back to 215. Again it was mostly watery, sludge, muddy releases. At the time did not think of it or associated the liquid being retained as disturbing till I dropped the 20lbs in 24 hours, though mostly released in a span of 4-5 hours. That changed things. Since the day of the 20# loss I have had one instance of dropping 15# over 36-48 hours. And these past weeks have been fluctuating between 220 and 208. I will not take anything that may cause constipation as retaining up to 5 gallons of liquid excrement is frightening and the possibility of that increasing in volume and rupturing my intestines is even more terrifying and most likely deadly. Pretty sure the pain from the rupture and the subsequent septic shock would hinder me from dialing 911 and probably be dead before they arrived. I hardly leave my home and sometimes cannot make it the 20-25 feet to the bathroom, thank God I have polished concrete floors! Have even left a trail the entire way a few times, but there are times the diaper holds most with just minor leakage. Since 1997 I generally average 3 hours of sleep. Had not had any REM sleep in over a decade. And when I was working and driving would have episodes 3-4 a year where I would go 160-180+ hours with no sleep. Yet I still was able to drive and had more energy than my co-workers half my age. You really see things differently after 120 hours without sleep, and more so with each passing day. My last episode was in Sept2021 for about 145+, and this year had gone 110hrs maybe more in Feb and around 85hrs in April. I was referred to this site by my therapist. I don't know if it will help but am willing to give it a chance. Other than my paid therapist there is nobody in my life who really wants to discuss this or help.
  2. Has anyone experienced loose watery stools with the use of melatonin? If so, how much were you taking? If not, how much were you taking?
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