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  1. Hello together, for about 15 years I had problems about having diarrhea and the need to poop in stressful situations. If there was a long line, in the supermarket, in a traffic jam, at immigration counters on airports, all my body got hot, I had to fart really often and ended very often in the urgent need, to use a toilet. I think most of you know those situations, when you suddenly need a toilet, because you get stressed from the situation "What if I need a toilet soon?" ; and then you really need it! I had two colonoscopys, everything was perfectly fine, nothing bad. The doctors tried all different medications with me: Duspatal, MCP, Imodium (which worked best of all the doctors tried on me), but nothing worked properly. Imodium was okay, but the next day I could not poop and then it was really painful, when it was possible again. So I was fighting for years with the IBS-D and nothing helped. On activities with friends, I always had a good excuse, to say either, that I will not go with them or if we don't better want to stay at home / in a restaurant, it is more cozy...Even if my thought was obviously: There you have a toilet and feel safe! Now I was travelling one time to south america, where you can buy in the pharmacies almost everything you want, without prescription and I also bought Tramadol. Normally only wanted to have it as spare-medicine for really strong pain, but tried it one day just "for fun" and realized: It works amazing for my IBS-D. The Tramadol makes your head completely like: "I don't care! If I need to make a shit next to all the cars in the traffic jam, who cares? ; If the line in the supermarket is really long, I just leave the things, go to toilet and come back again". And I am super happy about it. Because now, in 95% of the days I am taking Tramadol (and I only take it on "special days", where I want to do activities), it works still perfect. Two hours before the activity taken just 50-100mg, and I am fine for about 12 hours. An absoloutely miracle drug for me. Now I am doing that already for about one year, didn't have to increase the dose and still love the effect of it. Before, flying on airplanes, was horror for me. I always took the flights in the afternoon, used the toilet all day several times, took Imodium, Buscopan and was still nervous about the need for a toilet. Now it is much less complicated and I don't have to care anymore. So, just as idea for the ones of you with IBS-D, give Tramadol a try. In Europe unfortunately almost only available by prescription (I never discussed that with my doctor yet, fortunately still have enough pills from holidays at home). In Southamerica and Asia, available OTC, for just a few bucks (2-5€ for 10 pills). They have several generics on the the market. The only downsides: Low sex drive, I almost cannot finish, when I am having sex after taking tramadol and cannot sleep properly, when taking it "shortly" before sleep ; you feel all night like being "up" and doing daydreaming. But for me, it is worth those problems on special days, to enjoy time with friends. Maybe it is also a miracle drug for one of you, that you don't have to suffer for so long, like me. I now really can enjoy life again, go for walks, without having in my head "What, if I need toilet on the walk?". Cheers
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