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  1. I have IBS-D, I was doing research on line and found this Forum. It seems that many foods trigger a bowel movement, sometimes I visit the bathroom more than 8 times a day, sometimes i have to wake up at night to go to the bathroom with cramps.
  2. Choose the type of IBS which best describes you.
  3. Hello everyone: I have not been formally diagnosed with IBS, but rather I have read quite a bit about this topic after experiencing currently almost daily IBS-D. Prior to my gastric sleeve procedure 8 years ago, I had only occasional "episodes," but about 2 years post gastric sleeve procedure, it now occurs 3-4x per week. It has definitely impacted my lifestyle, such as taking long walks outdoors, making plans that always include a restroom in proximity, having extra clothing to wear with me wherever I go. It is challenging, to say the least.
  4. Hello All, My name is Jeffrey and I was diagnosed with IBS. The GI doctor did not tell me which type of IBS I have. I called him after the diagnosis (and colonoscopy) to ask what I could do to minimize the symptoms (change my diet? Work out? Perhaps obtain an allergy test? ...etc.) and he basically said there's nothing I can do. "You have IBS". Here are my symptoms: - I have occasional constipation (a few days per week) - I have to use the restroom excessively (bowel movements, not urination) - Usually (but not always) with the excessive bowel movements, the stool is loose and dry, not 'wet' (when I say 'wet', what you would imagine if you had typical diarrhea or food poisoning) - I have approximately 3-6 bowel movements every morning, and an additional 3-5 throughout the day - I have been having lower back pain, to the right of my spine, towards the top of the glutes - Often times, after using the restroom, I'll have to return to use it again within a few minutes - My “urgency” to use the bathroom (for bowel movements, not urination) is far greater in the past year than it was previously in my life. - Sometimes I have pain in the lower abdomen, lower back, and genital area that seems to coincide with the urge to use the restroom, but not always - Sometimes I have an extreme itch in my testicle area when I feel the urge to have a bowel movement. Other times, this feeling appears when I'm in the shower. Strangely, I only have the terrible itch in the morning or evening, but never during the day. My dermatologist seems to think this is caused by some sort of nerve damage. Since this is an IBS forum, I only mention this because I believe there is a correlation between this and my IBS. - Sometimes I am unable to defecate due to unexplained erections when I am in the restroom. I also mention this because I believe there is a correlation between this and my IBS. Here are the tests that I've taken: - Many blood tests (blood work is normal) - Doctor checked for hernia (no hernia present) - Computed tomography of abdomen and pelvis with contrast (results came back as normal) - Urologist diagnosed me with prostatitis, prescribed me Doxycycline and Meloxicam, but this didn't help - The urologist suggested pelvic floor physical therapy. I tried physical therapy for 3 months but it didn't help with these symptoms - Colonoscopy (results came back as normal) So far, I haven't been able to correlate specific food types with my excessive bowel movements. I've tried removing certain things from my diet here and there, but nothing has really made an effect. I thought perhaps it was that I was eating too much restaurant food, but ever since COVID-19 I've been eating wholesome meals at home (3+ weeks now), and my conditions are unaffected. Having 7-10+ bowel movements per day is hugely impacting my quality of life, not to mention the discomfort and sometimes pain. But having said that, I'm still more or less able to lead a normal life (I work, play sports, work out, garden, etc.), just with far more trips to the bathroom. Thank heavens for the Toto Washlet. I have constipation if not every day, at least several times per week. That seems to be a mystery for the doctors also. The pain (and occasional extreme itching) in and around my pelvic region and genitals is a pretty serious concern for me. Just a few days ago I was standing and I had two minutes of pain on the left side near my testicle. Again, I do believe that this is related to the GI because I feel like I have these shooting pains in and around my mid section before having to use the restroom (it seems to correlate around the time that I feel the 'urge to go'). I've baffled many doctors, and a friend of mine told me that years ago, when he was experiencing particularly frustrating medical issues, it was sharing his experience with like-minded people on a discussion forum that helped him to deal with that. So here I am.
  5. Consumption of any FODMAP bloats me. A lifelong condition. Male mid 30s.
  6. The worst symptom for me is intestinal cramping and the pain that comes with it. It will appear for weeks at a time, usually when I am stressed or have had some sort of upheaval in my life. Nothing relieves it except benzos which are now treated like heroin by docs here in the US and they dont want to prescribe them. So I am left to "self-medicate"just to numb the pain. With the current administration, I wouldnt be surprised if alcohol becomes restricted as well. I am trying to find something else that works but so far the side effects of the meds Ive tried are as bad as the IBS.
  7. I am new to this group. About 7 years ago this really amped up for me - I have a mixture type. It seems its all or nothing for me and when the D part starts up, I look about 9 months pregnant even though I don't eat much during that time. Its super frustrating and interferes with my quality of life for sure. Its nice to know I'm not alone but I also hate that all of you are going through this.
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