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Found 2 results

  1. So. I'm a 17 year old living with my dad. Here's a little vent from me to you. I'm not asking for advice. Mainly sympathy since this is and IBS board and I am quite shaken. It's about 11.35pm now and 30 minutes ago l felt a rumble. No big deal I'll make it in time, right? No! As soon I stand up from my bed there's a leak in the valve and a small drip leaves. Again, no big deal. I have a fairly hairy bum so it'll stay put and not stain anything. Again, no! Another rumble comes and a larger amount of liquid excrement drips out while I'm desperately trying to close my sphincter. By consentrating on my ass my ability to walk is reduced to waving my hips like a cream pudding. Even more stuff spills out. About three to four tablespoons of very smelly diarrhea is just chilling there in my pants. I can now stammer to the toilet. Another problem arises. My underpants have a hole in them. There are now small globs of very stinky and very liquidy gunk on the bathroom floor. My pants are totaled. The floor is dirty. I'm gonna have to clean this up. "Where the hell do I put this dirty underwear? Does the smell fade?" I thought to myself, panicking. I put the underwear in the toilet after all the gunk inside my body had left. Started wiping. It felt like hours. I definetily used too much paper. "This will not flush." I tried the button. The underwear are gone from sight but are now clogging the bowl up. I tried my best to push the rest of the stuff down with a toilet brush but all that did was shred the soaking wet paper. The bowl is up to the brim filled with water, small bits of excrement and a lot of little papery particles. I have not gone back to the room in about 20 minutes as of writing this and I'm concerned. I already sent a text to my dad saying that the toilet will be "unavailable" through the morning. Thank god there is the larger bathroom which he uses predominantly. It is embarrassing. I am embarrassed.
  2. Drossman: Evidence that there may be brain cell death due to the vicious cycle of pain from FGID (Functional Gastrointestinal) condition. Drossman: Validate symptoms, explain thoroughly, & don’t abandon your patients. Chey: Shared “Advice from a patient” from J Ruddy Gastroenterology 2018 Chey: Non-verbal communication is incredibly important in approaching a patient. It gives hope and trust. Chey: We’re still learning about the genetic factors behind IBS Chey: How I describe IBS to patients. With hope, trust and confidence. Chey: Role of Stress & Anxiety in GI Disorders. Anxiety... Is this a chicken and egg situation?? “It’s not all in your head but your head may be playing a role in your symptoms” Chey: Post-infectious IBS (PI-IBS), are we giving patient hope or taking it away? Chey: Potty talk. How you can talk to patients about pooping. Chey: Rodin’s “The Thinker” might just be the perfect position to have a good bowel movement! Chey: Create a spirit of collaboration. “What matters is what the patient takes away from you.” Chey: Give your patients hope.
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