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Years of research-100 percent pleased

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History-I was taking Imodium from about 2000 up to about 2009 on and off as needed. (It never stopped  or lowered the amount of stools, just slowed down the urgency and turned the majority of the stools into soft instead of liquid.) After about 3 years of putting up with the embarrassing issues I finally went to family doctors, allergists,  and gastroenterologists many times with this starting back in 2002 for about 5 years. Then we started taking our health in our own hands and did our own research. We realized and identified my issue with IBS is caused by chemical preservative additives (sodium benzoate, polysorbate 60/80, potassium sorbate) to food and drink products. This took us a couple of years to figure out the main bad chemicals. I would have 3 separate explosive diarrhea bowels within 30 minutes of each other. When I took in any foods or beverages with these chemicals, 1 hour after the next time I ate any food. This definitely caused a big life style change for us. It was to the point that I was afraid to eat anyplace that was 15 minutes or more from home or I would have to starve and not eat until I got someplace save.

Do not assume these chemicals are not in a specific food product. I cannot go into all foods that do or not have these specific preservatives. Example: All Pepsi products have the bad preservatives, most Coke products do not. Most packaged or freshly baked cookies and cakes have these, but some don’t. Most ice creams have these and some don’t. Some of Breyers basics don’t, but their kicked up and gooey delicious ones do, Ben & Jerrys and Ashbys’ have all been safe to me. (if you are in an ice cream shop, make them pull out the 3-5 gallon bucket to see the ingredients on the can), Most beers and bourbons have been save, but some beers are not. (It is crazy that the FDA does not require these companies to post their ingredients on the bottle). YOU HAVE TO READ EACH AND EVERY LABEL TO CHECK OUT THE INGREDIENTS.

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