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Do you find that a low FODMAP diet helps?


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I have read the book on low FODMAPs from Monash university.  It says that you can eat beef, pork and lactose free milk.  I can eat none of these without extreme episodes.  The only diet that has helped me is the Heather VanVorous diet that is listed on the website :helpforIBS.com.  Even with following this diet, controlling the disorder is a continual battle.  I hope the FODMAP diet helps some, but I would also suggest you look at the diet listed on the other website I have listed.

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I am FODMAP vegan and was still IBS-C with only vegan. I have never been a non-vegan FODMAP. I am helped immensley with low FODMAP vegan diet, but get extreme gas (farts & burping) & tummy rumbles when I add high FODMAP foods to diet. Oatmeall & blueberries for breakfast. Popcorn with canola oil spray (salt & nutritional yeast with herbs n spices) with huge side of lettuce for lunch and dinner keeps me IBS symptom free. This is takes little time to prep. When I have time can make potatoes or rice with green beans or spinach. I add tofurkey plain tempeh, extra firm or firm tofu (kept in paper towels to soak up tofu liquid that causes gas) & soy sauce & fresh lemon juice to spice up. I take niacin (aka vit B3) when eating popcorn as it's low on vit B3. I plan to expand menu and do at times, but these are my easy go to meals. Peanut butter might make me a little gasy & I may need to get a wheat free or Tamari type soy sauce to see if it makes a difference. Will branch out to Italian food when I can master a low FODMAP marinara sauce recipe.

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