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Hi I'm new to the forum , really need to hear from  others who suffer from Chronic Constipation issues. I m 64, for the past 4 months I have been unable to move bowels normally. What I'm going through is ,I feel the urge to go and cannot get the bowels out. I am seeing a Gastrointestinal  

Dr. Already ruled out Fecal impaction and any blockage issues by doing a Cat Scan. He prescribed Linzess. which I take daily. This has been the only god-sending medication that has worked . The only problem is , I go ...sometimes hard but....mostly diarrhea. Its actually getting better. Lately, I am going more complete and less diarrhea. But  I am living with a constant abdominal cramping and feeling of incomplete bowel function. The Dr, also prescribed the usual stuff ..... lots of water intake, Metamucel ( Which doesn't work for me ! ) and Aerobic exercising. 

The latest prescription is he wants me to get a Sitzmarker Test. My question is , where does it  end, and has anyone taken this test and others and have seen results... like a normal bowel movement  without the daily use of medication  ?  I am like  becoming  depressed over this, and not working regular,which unfortunately at my age  I need to do.  

Lost in Yonkers.



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Jeffrey Roberts

Hello and welcome!

It's good that you spoke to your doctor about this, though I'm sorry that you aren't really getting any relief other than diarrhea with Linzess.

The Sitzmarker test is quite benign and will give you a good indication about your stool transit time.

One thing that you might discuss with your doctor is the use of a low dose of an SSRI antidepressant. At that dosage it's not for depression, but rather it may move your stools along better as that's a side effect of SSRI medications. We list a lot of the antidepressants on our Medications page.

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