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I suffer from IBS-C..I've tried all kinds of diets including eating just fruits and veggies..I've even JUST gone weeks ONLY having smoothies...ie..blending ALL my foods...fruits..veggies..meats with rice and beans turned to purees..herbal teas  but still have trouble going on a regular basis...still experience abdominal pain and bloating and have gone for up to 5 days without a bowel movement...I'm on the websites constantly reading and trying new things but hasn't helped..does anyone have any miracle cures?

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Jeffrey Roberts

Welcome. I'm sorry to read your situation. Miracle cures... unfortunately no.

Have you ever tried any medications? There are several specifically available for IBS-C. Also, a low dose of an SSRI antidepressant might also be worth considering.

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Hey there. Ok. Take a deep Breathe, If you are reading this and are in pain.
I have lied with this condition all my life.
Everyone is different... We all have different feelings and react differently to various environmental settings.
I can tell you that I have pain with and without Constipation.
Azithromycin got rid of the Constipation. But be xareful as this can also cause your gut to beome toxic from bacteria that can kill you which normal bacteria can kill.

If this happens you need Flagyl and possibly 1 other antibiotic. Can't remember.

Anyways, tried linzess.... And others. Those are like supercharged suppositories in my opinion they are the drug companies way to not create a cure but make income of us in pain. Total BS and a sham!

The real answer is this in my opinion, and I will be writing a research paper on this. Here re some notes from my personal use: Azithromycin kills all the flora in the gut temporarily.
2 600 Mg azithromycin taken
1 month after azithromycin taken stoole sample produced for dianosis of deadly disease
Flagyl taken 1 week later to ensure i wouldn't die

2 months later results from stoole sample came back normal/healthy

GI doctor is old and did not see any interest in this. Gave me linzess which gave me diarrhea. Bs drug.

You want my honest answer. Pain is not worth the time you need for life. If you have access to marijuana, use it. I started using it 4 years ago. The stupid GI doctor told me it shouldn't help me. Um. It dulls the pain to nothing. After the first 6-12 months of use the high went away and now it is just medicine. The only thing that continues to bother me is the smell.

The only other thing i can say if you don't have access to those is Tramadol. Take 2-3 pills. Do not mix with antidepressants! Can cause death from drug induced epileptic seizures.

I am no doctor, but I know my way around the world I live in. I do research that most don't do. I am in college that gives access to EBSCO so I can look at scholary papers on the subject. Anyone else with info is welcome to chime in.

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I hate how tapatalk does not let you edit.

"I did not mean to write i have lied with"

Stupid tapatalk.

"I have lived with"

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