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Drossman/Chey: Patient and Doctor Clinical Care conversations between the two (DDW19)

Jeffrey Roberts

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Jeffrey Roberts

Drossman: Evidence that there may be brain cell death due to the vicious cycle of pain from FGID (Functional Gastrointestinal) condition.

Drossman: Validate symptoms, explain thoroughly, & don’t abandon your patients.

Chey: Shared “Advice from a patient” from J Ruddy Gastroenterology 2018


Chey: Non-verbal communication is incredibly important in approaching a patient. It gives hope and trust.

Chey: We’re still learning about the genetic factors behind IBS


Chey: How I describe IBS to patients. With hope, trust and confidence.


Chey: Role of Stress & Anxiety in GI Disorders. Anxiety... Is this a chicken and egg situation?? “It’s not all in your head but your head may be playing a role in your symptoms”


Chey: Post-infectious IBS (PI-IBS), are we giving patient hope or taking it away?



Chey: Potty talk. How you can talk to patients about pooping.


Chey: Rodin’s “The Thinker” might just be the perfect position to have a good bowel movement!


Chey: Create a spirit of collaboration. “What matters is what the patient takes away from you.”

Chey: Give your patients hope.



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