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Jeffrey Roberts

The Role of Biomarkers in Patient Management (DDW19)

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Jeffrey Roberts

Magnus Simren: A biomarker is a diagnostic tool for the identification of those patients with a disease or abnormal condition

Magnus Simren: The Bristol Stool chart is used to determine stool type


Magnus Simren: Visceral hypersensitivity and GI symptoms are strongly associated with FGiDs; however trials are limited for a biomarker which identifies positive outcomes for a specific treatment option

Magnus Simren: SeHCAT testing might be helpful for determining who may respond to bile acid binding agents

Magnus Simren: Potential biomarkers for IBS include anti-CdtB and anti-vinculin antibodies (IBS-Smart Test); however its use on its own seems to be inconclusive and is also seen in healthy patients. More studies will be helpful to identify the best patient population for this test.



Magnus Simren: Potentially, multiple causes for IBS-C or Functional Constipation.

Magnus Simren: Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders (FGIDs) will benefit from tailored treatments by using patient biomarkers like transit times, colon volume, with focus on comorbid interactions.



Magnus Simren: Gut microbiota at baseline and/or number of fecal volatile organic compounds, might indicate independently a positive response to the low FODMAP diet


Magnus Simren: The Gut-Brain interaction relates to many of the symptom generation


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