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FoodMarble AIRE portable breath test to help you find the foods that agree with your digestive system (unboxing photos attached)

Jeffrey Roberts

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Jeffrey Roberts


Breath tests are used to detect gases which are produced by bacterial fermentation of unabsorbed carbohydrates and then passed through your breath. Breath tests are used in the diagnosis of carbohydrate malabsorption and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth or SIBO. Malabsorption of carbohydrates has been seen as a key trigger of irritable bowel syndrome-type symptoms such as diarrhea or constipation, bloating and excess gas.

FoodMarble AIRE is a portable breath test device that can measure gases which might be able to identify which foods you are not absorbing which are causing you IBS-like symptoms.

FoodMarble AIRE measures your body’s response to how it digests food by analyzing your breath and giving you immediate results. It also helps you to identify possible trigger components in different foods by tracking and trending your results over time using the smartphone app. The FoodMarble AIRE works by analyzing hydrogen in your breath similar to how labs do it.

Listen to our podcast with Aonghus Shortt,PhD Co-Founder & CEO, and Claire Shortt,PhD Chief Scientist from FoodMarble who were my guests while at Digestive Disease Week in San Diego 2019. They explained what was the purpose in creating the AIRE breath test device, how does it work and how this might benefit an IBS sufferer especially when it comes to analyzing foods in a low FODMAP diet. https://www.ibspatient.org/podcasts

What's in the box:

IMG_1092.thumb.jpg.f51cc96a8bce5a278aa9b4b4d76f5ec2.jpg IMG_1099.thumb.jpg.605498a437791d85dda92ae34fd6d75f.jpg


AIRE portable breast test device:

IMG_1103.thumb.jpg.c7bbb251f0a81fb0721e4eb794b30e66.jpg IMG_1091.thumb.jpg.970f72a617db9e752cc6e1c9532074ff.jpg


FODMAP Program (optional):

IMG_1104.thumb.jpg.247b64ec10f356cbfbf9c6257fb54553.jpg IMG_1110.thumb.jpg.c93894da7797a5ab8074f29f76c38686.jpg


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