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Anyone experienced relief during vacation?


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Hello, everyone.  I'm curious to hear if anyone has had a similar experience when on vacation.  For a week, I ate without regard to FODMAPs.  I didn't go absolutely wild, but had plenty of wine, icecream, bread, donuts, etc.  These are things I largely avoid at home.  My meals were larger and fewer compared to my normal diet.

I was stunned to find that my bloat disappeared that week despite my bathroom routine remaining the same.  No diarrhea.  In fact, my routine could have been more productive.  I didn't have to take gas pills.  My stomach was actually flat.

Now I'm back home, eating my healthier diet, and the bloat and gas is back.  I've even laid off high FODMAP triggers this week.

Food intolerance doesn't make sense at the moment - there is no solid pattern that I can currently identify. 

Maybe stress played a role?  I was stressed on vacation, though, because of the work awaiting me when I got home.

My fluid intake on vacation remained the same.  As did sleep.

I exercised less, but was more active throughout the day.  I'm wondering if that's the main factor?  I normally exercise around 4 times a week, but unfortunately sit a lot otherwise.  

If anyone has encountered a similar situation and was able to identify the factor(s), I would greatly appreciate hearing from you!


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Hi! Vacation sometimes becomes the best cure for all diseases. Because during your vacation, you don't think about problems, but enjoy. When the brain is not busy with annoying thoughts, the body feels healthier. Recently I was on vacation in Mexico and allowed myself to eat food that would cause me many unpleasant symptoms at home. But during the vacation, even an acute quesadilla did not cause intestinal irritation. I had a great time. I even found a couple of free excursions on this page and visited them. And I didn't have any unpleasant feelings. But as soon as I got home, my intestines remembered the disease again.

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Yes, I drove with my mom to Arizona, about 1,200 miles and had no problems BUT I was not drinking liquids with any food and isolating my beverages..Another thing that happened a few times is when I was away from home for a couple weeks visiting family and surprisingly ate things I normally would never eat however I got cocky about it and went overboard with a couple outrageous desserts and paid dearly....

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