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I finally got my Rx for Motegrity and started taking it two days ago. The first day I took it right before bed and had trouble sleeping. I also woke up with a slight headache. I had about 3 bowel movements the next morning and felt a little sluggish. On day two I took the medications about 2 hours before bedtime and was able to fall asleep much faster. I did wake up with a mild headache today.  I had 3 bowel movements as well. Stools were normally formed and not too thick. I had been on Linzess previously and that worked like I had diarrhea when it worked.  I just thought I'd provide some details for anyone who might be started this type of medications. 


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It's early but with Linzess I was not able to leave the house until I have a bowel movement. With Motegrity it's a natural bowel movement. Also, with Linzess, I usually only had one bowel movement and with motegrity I have had around three each day so far.  I have been feeling a little tired and sleepy. Not sure if that is due to the Serotonin effect or the extra energy the MMC is utilizing. Thanks. 

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Does anyone have experience with taking .5 mg (half of 1 mg) of motegrity? And does it have to be taken every day? I know the drug companies would love to have it taken every day. But I don't think I need it every day. Taking it once was effective enough. Taking something long term like this is not what I want to do. Also I had really bad side effects on 2 mg. So I wanted to microdose it. 

Thank you for your help!

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