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Hello.  I have been suffering from IBS manifested mostly by flatulence for about 30 years.  Then about 15 years ago I had a colon resection for a rectal prolapse, and it's much worse. Even when I have the urge to move my bowels the entire room knows.  It has caused me great depression and low self esteem.  I avoid social situations, and even going to work or volunteering is an occasion for humiliation.  At my main job working at an inhouse advertising agency for a major pharmaceutical company, I was verbally ridiculed.  Fortunately, we later had a client that generated tests for digestive diseases, which educated my co-workers.  But then we lost that client, and those particular employees moved on, and a new, younger group of employees joined the agency, and it was the same embarrassment all over again.  


I am now 65 and volunteering to fill my days after the recent loss of my beloved husband of 43 years.  I am trying to decide which I need more -- to be occupied at a worthwhile activity or to free myself from more embarrassment and just stay at home.  


Thank you for allowing me to share.  I greatly appreciate it.  

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Thanks for sharing and sorry for your loss. I have IBS-D but my gas is the most uncontrollable nature of it. Its something I cant control and this causes me to have depression as well. I have been talked about and laughed at work and it sucks.  I  have a boyfriend now and its really challenging opening up to him as well as his friends due to this condition. I isolate myself when i know its not my personality . Its difficult to speak with him about my IBS . You are not alone, im here if you need me. Dont stay at home, get out as much as you can as this helps me, eve if its just you walking..

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I am so sorry to hear about you and all the stories here. I found myself in every one of them. I have been diagnosed with IBS about 5y ago. I tried giving up on wheat, on dairy products, taking probiotic, prebiotics, even went to a chiropractician, antibiotics, low Fodmap diet, paleo diet, charcoal, etc.. don't even remember everything that I tried. Bloating was there but the most embarrassing was the foul smelling gas. Some days I could barely make it home from work, evenings were the worst. Isolation, depression and anxiety sound very familiar. It is very important of course that you run a complete set of blood tests, maybe an ultrasound, and rule out any intolerance, because different health problems have similar symptoms. The one blood test that came out very very low was vitamin D. First time I got a prescription for several meds so I did not think of this as an important thing. I thought it was just the antibiotic. But recently I started taking it again, because of this whole isolation thing, and my symptoms really improved again, A LOT. This happend after about one month. It seems that there is a well known link between vit D and digestion and the immune system. Obviously a balanced diet, some exercises might also help a lot, in any case. Or just paying attention to your body, or your stress levels. Some caraway tea might relieve the bloating. I hope you all find what you are looking for. Love, A. 

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