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Certified FODMAP Meals now Available Nationwide

Jeffrey Roberts

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Jeffrey Roberts

I am excited to share that ModifyHealth™ is the first nationwide meal delivery service to receive Monash University’s Low-FODMAP Certification. This certification is awarded to products containing ingredients that are low in fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols (FODMAP). Products that receive this certification are licensed to use the official Monash University Low-FODMAP Certified™ badge – making it easier for consumers to identify products that are low in FODMAPs. Recommended by GI providers and dietitians, ModifyHealth's Low-FODMAP and Gluten-free meals are clinically tailored to bring relief to specific GI conditions and available for home-delivery nationwide across the US.
As you may know, Monash University is the birthplace of the Low-FODMAP protocol and known internationally as leading experts in IBS research.  Studies have shown that following the Low-FODMAP protocol brings relief in up to 75% of patients with IBS. 
While effective, patients often find implementation of the protocol challenging and time prohibitive to complete on their own. ModifyHealth makes it simple and ensures optimal outcomes by eliminating the guesswork with fresh, fully-prepared, Low-FODMAP meals and GI trained dietitian support for those not currently working with their own dietitian.


We’ve been big fans of ModifyHealth since they launched and their mission to “change lives by making ‘food as medicine’ simple, effective and enjoyable for patients and providers.” We look forward to following their continued success in the IBS community. 

To view the complete press release, please visit: https://modifyhealth.com/blogs/newsroom/modifyhealth-delivers-digestive-wellness-as-the-first-nationwide-meal-delivery-service-to-receive-monash-university-low-fodmap-certification

For more information or to have ModifyHealth’s meals delivered to your home, please visit modifyhealth.com

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Jeffrey Roberts

I wanted to make you aware of an amazing offer ModifyHealth recently extended to help provide some support to IBS patients during this unique time for those living in continental USA.

They wanted to make it easy for you to get low Monash Low-FODMAP Certified™ meals without having to leave your house and visit crowded grocery stores. Simply visit ModifyHealth.com, add 8 or more meals to your cart, enter the code: IBSPATIENT4FREE and instantly get 4 of them for free. Even the delivery is free!

This is a really great deal on fresh, fully-prepared, Monash Low-FODMAP Certified™ and gluten-free meals made with organic & non-gmo ingredients. Discount applies to first delivery only - applicable to lunch and dinner entrees.

Use the code: IBSPATIENT4FREE at ModifyHealth.com to get this deal!


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