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Symptoms and Suffering

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Hello All,

I have never thought of looking for a support group until about 1 hour ago. I have been experiencing left side pain and raw feeling in the bowels for several years now. Taking a cocktail of vitamins and mineral has dropped the symptoms by 95 percent. There is still one symptom that haunts me and is getting worse. Im not sure where to begin to determine if its food related or something more. Below my tailbone i feel rawness and severe inflammation that encompasses the buttocks as well. My doctors say its all in my mind but i think we all know how absurd that diagnosis is. I'm wondering is the foods i am eating are causing inflammation in my stool that feels like i am passing hot peppers when ever i have a bowel movement. The swelling and irritation lasts all day. I am at the point where i don't want to eat anymore. My recent bought has been going on for 1 month and finally had to go to emergency at subject myself to a CAT scan. Everything was normal and the nest day and a half the pain was gone. I thought that i in fact was imaging this but soon realized that  i had not eaten in a day or so and had no bowel movements. Thats why the pain left. As soon as i started to eat and have movements again the pain returned. Its maddening. Not sure what to do now. I not a fan of medications unless no side affects. Can anyone relate to my story? Am i just insane? Thank you to all that reply.





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