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How i fixed my IBS and the whole journey


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First off, im gonna be very transparent and to the point, some strong language. 

Hi, first of, im a guy, im 20 now, my IBS and stomach issues as a whole started when i was 16 going through a very stresfull period for a few months.

At first, my GP diagnosed it as just mild acute gastritis and got me on some pills. The stomach issues just keept getting worse, after a year i went to a gastrologist, got a an endoscopy which showed quite severe gastritis with an ulcer.  They took a sample which showed presence of H pylori bacteria which was treated with antibiotics.

As my gastritis related symptoms improved (the burning and bloating sensation in my upper stomach), the lower stomach symptoms just got worse, i had sharp pain, bad flatulence, it was mostly gas related pain, bad constipation...  And it was constant, i'd be in school and my stomach was killing me, i was sweating, looked pale as fuck, it was horrible. There was a period where i was pretty sure i han cancer or IBD, there was no way that IBS could cause so much pain... But yeah, it very much can. 

So i realised, not only was i dealing with chronic gastritis but also quite severe IBS at the same time, not fun

So how did i go about improving it:

1. As much as it is repeated, yes,stress and anxiety are a HUGE cause of IBS and stomach issues as a whole, the gut brain conection is very much a real thing. Think about taking a test or getting your results back, something really important, you always get that feeling in your stomach, especially if you have IBS, which is just basically a sensative stomach. 

2. Food. Make a fucking list of foods that mess you up, dont listen to the general bullshit advice everyone gives, its not the same for everyone, high fiber foods for me are death, Beans will literally make me have the worst gas pains ever, going vegan for my stomach would destroy me, i have no problem with meat or gluten, actually  eating slow digesting food for me is better, so i balance it out, i eat more slow digesting food and add  bit of fiber in there, eat an apple, some carrots... Just not beans, fuck that. 

3. Which brings me to the constipation, not everyone has the same stomach function, some people shit 3 times a day, other's shit 3 times a week. I remember getting stressed about not shitting enough and buying lactolose... holy fuck was that a bad idea... That shit literally gave me the worst gas pains in existance. Dont mess with your digestive time, dont try to speed or slow it down with supplaments, leave it alone for a while, let it adjust on its own. Sometimes i shit every day, sometimes i dont shit for 3 days and then have a day where i do it 5 times... I have a some pills for emergencys but i havent used anything in well over 2 years now, just let it be, dont worry about it. 

4. Probiotics for me are not good at all, again, get gas pains, horrible flatulence... Coming back to the whole, dont listen to the general BS, not everyone is the same, some people love theme, my stomach hates theme. 


5. The amount of food you eat, for me i noticed then when it was at its worst, i was eating small amounts of food thinking it was gonna make it better, it didnt. The trick is to not eat too much but also not be hungry, a good balance will do it. 


To wrap things up, my stomach isnt perfect but it sure as hell isnt as bad as it used to be. Maybe once in a while, like every 2 months i get a period of like 3-4 days where my stomach is being really sensative and stuff, but nothing like before, i stick to my "diet" i really wouldnt even call it that, just dont eat things that mess me up.

With time and doing the right things  it does get better. 

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Thank you. I really like your post and don't mind the strong language 🙂 at all.

What you say makes great sense to me. I also don't try to force anything but when going through a flare up, let my body balance out again by treating my gut as gently as possible but not pushing much (laxatives, Imodium etc) onto it....I also love beans but can't eat 'em (too bad.)....or can eat a few (one spoonful) on some occasions.

What suits my gut doesn't always fit with what we are told to eat/not eat so I definitely hear you about that. Tomatoes are low FODMAP but my gut often can't tackle them. Camomile tea is HIGH FODMAP but does me no harm at all....butter never bothers me even in a bad phase....chocolate can even sometimes make me feel easier if I'm getting bad discomfort a few hours after a meal....I can drink brandy with no ill effects, but daren't go near wine or beer.

Bread doesn't hurt me, fats don't bother me. And no....I can't be vegan either. Raw salads are almost never possible to eat now. I have to cook everything. Broccoli is fine! It's not supposed to be but I'm fine with it, and steamed celery. Same with pears and half-apples. When I'm going through a steadier phase, none of those foods and others we're "not supposed to eat" trigger anything.

If I'm flaring there is no way I can eat most things and am on  my own version of my personal BRAT diet for a few days!) and even low FODMAP foods are deadly for me but may be fine for others!

We have to listen to our own bodies, and our own personal reactions to foods.

Stress and anxiety are the worst things for really feeling bad on a "gut level" though..

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