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All my life but it seems to be getting worse


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I was diagnosed as a child I think around 2/3 years old. I grew up living off sustigin that power drink stuff till I was old enough to make food for myself and I started to live off junk food. I didn’t really start to gain weight till I was 18 when I started to pill it on and got up to 96kg when I was 20. Between my 20 and 21st though my personal life changed, it impacted my health so much that I lost. 15kg in two weeks and basically restarted my bowels. From then after I hadn’t been able to eat anything, I went to the doctors and dietitian and they put me on a Low FODMAP diet and we found a few allergies to citrus and onion. I’m now 29, this year I had a hysterectomy and for those that know, the menstruation cycle can mess with your bowels as well now that it’s been removed, my FODMAP diet isn’t working and it seems the my stomach is even more sensitive than ever before. I’ve moved states and haven’t seen a doctor down here about it as I have no idea what to be asking or what I should really be doing It also doesn’t help I’m a high functioning autistic person so communicating my pain verbally to the doctors is very hard l. Please help

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