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Hello, my name is Jeff and I’m 35. I’ve suffered with iffy bowels since I was a teen and had a bad flair up 6yrs ago. After a CT I was told I had polyps on my intestine and was diagnosed with Divertcolitis. However after a colonoscopy and no sign of polyps a month later they changed this result to acute epiploic appendagitis. I struggled off and on with stomach aches and rushes to the bathroom after eating since then, but after a bowel movement I was ok again.. Then things Changed... 

About 7weeks ago I got Very bad stomach pains like 9/10 and had to run to the bathroom All night long for incredibly painful diarrhea. Since this I’ve been in almost constant pain.. I’ve been loosing body weight like crazy (was 196lbs now I’m 172lbs). The only thing that doesn’t destroy me is soup and even then sometimes.. I went back to the doctor and they performed a Ultrasound on me and currently are not sure what I have. I started feeling a little better three days ago and then I had a small piece of Solomon for dinner last night and two hours later it’s back heavy... 

I feel done, I feel broken, It feels like  Something's eaten my insides and no one knows how to help. I’ve become very depressed, I feel crazy weak, I can’t even play with my dogs or get romantic with my wife.. For the first time ever in my life I laid in my bed last night, not able to sleep again and suicidal thoughts wouldn’t leave me alone... I’ve never had anything like that before. It scared me enough to try and get some mental help and reach out to others suffering..

I’m sure there are tons of people who have it worse then constant pain for 7weeks and 24lbs But I’m not sure how much more I can take... Is this my life now..? 

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Dear Jeff

it feels heart wrenching when reading your story. The dis-order within your GI system has turned your life around 360. It feels unbearable between the physical/emotional/mental pain. The brain-gut connection amplifies these pains. You are being your own advocate to seek out medical/mental health care. At the point in time you wrote this post, you were in a very dark spot and you realized others are suffering too. I have felt broken, depressed, hopeless and other very unpleasant emotions and still experience these types of emotions. Also i have IBS. It is delibiltating sometimes. I am no medical professional but it seems clear you have medical issues in addition to IBS that are triggering new feelings/thought processes for you. Thank you for reaching out on this forum. Hope you were stronger than those suicidal thoughts even though they can be very powerful!!! You sound like a genuine, detail oriented, observational, warm hearted fellow and people (and me) and God truly care about you. Keep fighting this battle to improved health so you can have a better quality of life moving forward. Blessings 

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Hi Jeff. We’re both close in age and I 100% feel what you are going through. I mean afterall my icon on here is a guy crying in the fetal position.

Everything you are explaining is exactly what I’m going through except no diarrhea but the feeling is the same. I’m even having the same emotional issues. At times I’ve been completely done with it all.

Sometimes we get to a point where we just feel like no one understands and no one is helping. But there is always hope and always a good day, hour, etc. and look at all the people here going through similar things.

Right now I’m going to have a second opinion and I suggest you consider the same. Maybe even a third might be needed.

I would definitely suggest as long as you think you can to try and eat soft foods but not stick to just soup. If you’re on a pure liquid diet you can mess yourself up more. A few days is fine but not a long term solution.

Things that worked for me but not saying it will work for everyone.

Could it be Gas? Try Gas X
Excess acid? Try a heartburn otc
A bacterial imbalance? Try Peptobismol

If it feels like your system is spasming like crazy your doctor might have to put you on an antispasmodic.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Sai, you really understand the agony Jeff is enduring. You remain hopeful that better moments, days to come. The advice you shared is also logical and i especially like the suggestion of seeking out a 2nd, 3rd... opinion. Sometimes the first shoe you try on does not fit so you try on many shoes until you find the pair that fits best. My mom had to see at least a couple doctors until she found the “right” one to help her with her eye issues. I have seen countless mental health professionals until i found the professionals that were best equipped to help me.  It is a journey to better health that requires your faith, perservance etc. you got us on this forum Plus friends and family that have your back 

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