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I am new to this group, but I am wondering if any one has insight. I have had an ongoing issue with what my PCP believes is IBS-D, but I never received a firm diagnosis so now I am seeing a GI. About 10 years ago I had a pretty intense bought with a virus which caused both vomitting and diarrhea for a week straight.  Once I recovered, I noticed I had irregular stools. This problem has only gotten more irregular and now is to the point where I only have loose stools and diarrhea with urgency, but no incontinence. I have recently had blood work and stool samples ordered by my GI which to my surprise came back normal - negative for inflammation, cdif, parasite, blood, etc with enzymatic tests coming back normal. My GI advised me to abstain from eating foods with lactose and I have, but I'm still having problems. Due to covid I am highly anxious to go in for an appointment with my GI, but I know an endoscopy is the next step for me. I am wondering if any one might have similar experiences?

Thank you

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