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Rectocele and constipation?


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I'm new to this forum. I've been experiencing severe constipation and have also had bouts of diverticulitis with constipation. I'm also seeing my gyn Dr this week to check for rectocele. Anyone on here ever have rectocele causing their constipation problem? What were your symptoms. I'm post menopausal and 61. 

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No, @purznfur I have never has any experience of rectocele. I hope someone can help and advise you.

Is there anything at all which eases your constipation? Medicnes, laxatives or diet? I hope the GYN doctor could help you.

By the way I love your username. (A cat involved there somewhere I think!) 🙂 I read it three times before the penny dropped!

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Hi purznfur, I was just diagnosed with severe rectocele, along with other not great pelvic floor problems. I have had chronic constipation practically my whole life. I am never fully emptied out. It got really bad recently, where I couldn't get anything out and it was like the trapdoor was locked, for about a month. I had an MRI defecography which showed a large posterior rectocele. I just got the diagnosis - never heard of it - and doing research. The rectocele is when the rectum pushes into the vaginal wall and seals off the anal passage so the rectum doesn't empty. In my case I believe the rectum actually partially comes out of the opening - which I guess would be a rectal prolapse. Am trying to find a urogynecologist who's a pelvic floor specialist/surgeon. And I probably have to consult a colorectal surgeon.  I hope you found answers! If you have it, I found a great advocate/support group where you can get a ton of information and support: https://www.pelvicorganprolapsesupport.org/

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