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IBS for 5 years with torturous colon


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I’ve always had IBS with diarrhea all the time last few months constipation so I haven’t been eating my dr said try new foods . Well what a mistake I j started eating fresh cherries then cereal with coconut milk . I had the worse time today now I have just gas rumbling all day I ate saltine crackers , peppermint tea and water . I don’t know how to get rid of this or if I should start taking an antibiotic for my IBS . Any ideas anybody ? I don’t know if coconut milk started it, the cereal or the cherries .


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I wonder if blueberries or grapes would suit you? I can usually handle them, and they are low FODMAP. I have to peel the red or black grapes though, as the skins are thicker than the green ones have. That's too much fibre for me. Those thick skins can give me a bad time the next morning.

But unlike you, I have more ibs-d, with some "slightly" -c moments! So it can be a bit unpredictable sometimes and I have to fine-tune the balance or I pay for it.

Cherries are lovely, and I miss them

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