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Hello, My name is Julie.  I am 37 and I was diagnosed with IBS-D when I was 15.  I have had 7 colonoscopy, and always have polyps removed.  I have tried many medications over the years. ( none have helped)  I can handle the diarrhea, the pain is a whole other story.  I just want to curl up and pray for it to stop.  I will no longer eat out, not even at work.  Sometimes I will not eat for a couple days just so I am not in pain.  I fight to keep weight on.  After all these years I can honestly say I am depressed, and giving up hope that it will get better.

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So sorry about what you are going through, Julie. Pain like that is terrible to have to go through every day. I can see why you feel depressed. That's only natural.

It is discouraging to have tried so many medications and nothing helps. And awful to be scared of eating.

I wonder if acupuncture could help you?

Wishing for some help and healing for you.

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Jeffrey Roberts

Welcome Julie. You're story sounds very similar to mine, except I'm quite a few years older.

Started at 15 for me too. The abdominal pain was always worse for me than the D, but then I started to hate the D too.

Wondering if you have ever tried Viberzi? It's newish and perhaps you had not heard about it. It's for IBS-D and pain. There is also Lotronex, which is an older med, but very effective for pain and D.

If you can't look at another medication, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and/or Hypnotherapy might help to change your outlook.

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