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IBS and Diverticulitis Fun Times NOT!


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I'm new to the group.  I have had diverticulitis for many years.  Last year when I was in the hospital having a diverticulitis attack, my GI diagnosed me with IBS.  What a nightmare having both.  I feel like I can't eat anything anymore.  Ensure and Boost are my new best friends.  Currently I am having an attack that has lasted since last Saturday, almost a week.  I took magnesium citrate two nights ago and it worked after 10 hours but I am still having serious pain and my temp is 100.1 which I don't think is a big deal.  My heating pad is also my best friend.  It works but not when the pain is super severe.  I didn't realize IBS could cause such debilitating pain.  I'm taking IBGard which seems to help a bit (basically peppermint oil), but I don't want to keep bothering my GI with my woes.  He's the best doctor I've ever had in my life for any specialty.  Can anyone recommend anything for pain besides heating pad and otc pain meds such as Tylenol?  Thank you for reading my ramblings.... :)

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Hi, @MSWill

I am so sorry you are going through this. Both IBS and diverticulitis at once  is not easy and no fun.

100.1 is not so bad, but I would say keep an eye on that and if it rises steadily and won't come down, get some medical advice.

Don 't worry about bothering your GI with your woes. That's what doctors are there for.

There are many herbal alternatives for inflammation ( and infection?) which can be very effective. I know Marshmallow Root tea is pretty safe, can even be given to pets, and is a good natural anti inflammatory. There are also herbal anti-infective remedies. All pretty gentle on the gut, if you have no allergies to them or reasons why you shouldn't take them.

But run any stuff like that past your specialist first of course.


I wish you the best and hope you find some relief from this pain. Kind thoughts.



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Jeffrey Roberts

Sorry you are going through a very tough time.

I just wrote in another post about using central neuromodulators (anti-depressants) in a very low dose to help with pain. The anti-cholingeric effect of the medication lessens the intensity of pain.

There are a list of medications here:


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