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IBS upper right sided pain?


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Hi all,

Feeling at a loss right now, since Tuesday I've had this pain in my upper right abdomen that comes and goes. It's just above my belly button on the right side and started as a sharp stabbing pain that lasted for around 10 seconds and it went. The pain yesterday then changed to a cramp still on and off and I was worried. The past 2 days I've been to a GP, A&E and also paid for a private abdominal scan which took 45 mins only for all 3 of them to tell me they can't find anything. 
I suffer with health anxiety also so this is horrible!
I haven't really felt hungry at all and have never really noticed pain like this with my IBS.
The area also hurts if I push on it and feels a bit tender.

I never really get pain on my right side with IBS 

My question is if anyone else gets this pain?

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