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Looking for holistic methods

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Hi all,

I'm a woman in my mid-twenties, and have been suffering from IBS-D for the past ~10 years. I believe I began having gastro issues after my appendix was removed, post burst. I have had a colonoscopy, have gone through many rounds of testing and fecal sampling, etc --- and always get the "I guess its just IBS" diagnosis. After I go through a round of investigative testing, I am usually exhausted, and done with a flare up, so I stop my hunt. I am now determined to take charge of my health, as it seems my flare ups are getting progressively worse, and are certainly linked to anxiety. 


I take a probiotic (ProbioMax + DF) and an SBI Protect powder once a day. I will soon begin taking peppermint capsules as well. In the past I have been perspire Elavil, and went on it once, put did not like the other side effects. Anyone have any holistic tips/tricks? Hoping to feel in control of my health. 

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Jeffrey Roberts

I too was in my mid-twenties when I decided to take charge of my own health because I also kept receiving a diagnosis of IBS with little relief.

Peppermint capsules are a safe medication to try. IBgard is quite popular for that.

If you are open to probiotics, Visbiome is a more potent one which I use for IBS-D.

Holigos is a human milk oligosaccharides is said to help to control pain and diarrhea. EnteraGam is another one similar to that.

Elavil belongs to a family of medications called tricyclic anti-depressants. Desipramine and Nortriptyline are in the same class, but with fewer side effects. I personally use 10 mg. of elavil daily and I have few side effects from it. These medications have increased side effects as you increase the dosage. From a holistic perspective, they are natural chemicals which naturally increase brain chemicals and effect the Brain <--> Gut axis.

I think the most holistic treatment is to follow the low FODMAP diet with a Dietitian or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with a GI Psychologist.

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