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Power of the Pen (Okay, Keyboard)


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I've had so many ups and downs since (and even before) finding out I have IBS. Mostly, I would say that I have learned so, so much and for that I am grateful and I will always seek new information. Seeing myself through this lens has been eye-opening and it has made so many other things about myself and my experiences make sense.

I've also found it helpful and cathartic to write things down. (And by "write down" I mean "type out".) Organizing my thoughts and expressing my feelings has helped me untangle parts of my mind and (thanks to the gut-brain axis) my gut has benefitted right along side it. It started as just a digital journal, but it has grown into a blog about my experiences and the helpful information I've found in my research on this journey. Not only has it helped me tremendously to put my thoughts down, but I know some others have reached out to me about how it has helped them too, which is truly humbling.

Even if you're not interested in setting up a blog, I highly recommend writing down your thoughts and feelings somewhere. Maybe you keep a physical journal. Maybe you start up a document on your desktop or a note on your phone. Whatever gives you that feeling of letting it all flow and feeling the relief that washes over you when things start to make sense.

Feel free to visit me at https://gut-vibes.com/ ! (Although, don't you worry. I'll still be here too. We've got to stick together after all!)

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