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What kind of IBS do I have?


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I have been suffering from bowel ailments for a number of years and my symptoms were finally diagnosed as IBS this past spring. My symptoms are incomplete or unsatisfying bowel movements, sometimes several in a day. The stools vary considerably in shape and size. For a couple of years I tried fiber foods and supplements and probiotics, but the problem did not clear up. This past May I saw a new doctor who diagnosed me with IBS and put me on Linzess, which I have been taking ever since. For the first couple of months the Linzess gave me mild diarrhea in the mornings, making me go several times. Even so, I found that I never got fully empty, although the Linzess seemed to help somewhat. Now, the watery stools have stopped and I am having more "normal" stools, but still not getting completely empty. The problem persists, although it is somewhat better since I started the Linzess. Does anyone have any suggestions? The doctor back in the spring recommended a colonoscopy. Does anyone have any other ideas about what may be the problem?


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Obviously no dr but it sounds like IBS-C to me. The only other thing is vitamin deficiencies. Hopefully you’ve been tested for those but even a lack of vitamin D can cause constipation. Just an example. What you explained about Linzess is very common. A lot of people level off. A few random things I read is that Linzess can go bad quickly. Make sure you store it in the temperature that it says or it could loose it’s potency. The only way to rule out anything more complicated is the colonoscopy.

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