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Hello, I'm a new member


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I'm a new member, and like alot of people i'm Suffering from IBS, and well maybe you guys can clarify, and help me not worry about my IBS...

It doesn't happen everyday but every so often, i'll feel a lump in my side where my colon is, I'm guessing it's my IBS spasming, but i dunno... I'm the type who worries 24 7, and for the life of me, i cannot get any peace of mind.

So i was just wondering if anyone else, had this issue, or if i should consider asking my Gastero Doctor about it more.


I did have a Colonscopy in July, so it's definitely not Cancer, but for some reason.... i worry, and i don't have any Support Groups, or Friends irl, so i just can't ignore it, Not everyone has the luxury, of having 100's of friends to talk to about these things.... That's why i decided to come online, see if i should seek more help or just let it go....

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Jeffrey Roberts

Hello Shadow2k1,

Have you ever asked your family doctor about this lump? A spasm would be very painful and you aren't describing the lump as painful. Also, a spasm would likely subside and if that were the lump, it would reduce in size after the spasm.

I have a fatty tissue deposit on my side, just above my hip bone. It doesn't hurt or grow in size (or get smaller).

It's good that you had a colonoscopy to rule out anything bad.

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Well the lump is mostly in my Intestines, when i feel my side, but it's comes and goes... it's not constant... That's why i'm wondering if it's just a piece of stool trying to move thrrough the area.... I do have minor pain in my lower Abdomen, so that's why i think it's IBS, or something close to it....

I only noticed it last night, but today, i don't feel the Lump in my side, but it is still sore from all the spasming... I'm just trying to figure out how i can prevent this from re occuring.... have some Peace of Mind about it ....

A few months back, i did have a diet change, i stopped drinking soda, and went to Water for a drink.... so now that i don't drink as much soda, i don't have a super soft stool anymore.... So i'm thinking... it could just be a hard stool but i dunno if it re occurs daily, then i'll consider asking my doctor,

But i just was wondering if anyone else experienced this..... Or if i'm the only one.....

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Well Least i'm not the only one.... I kinda figured it probably was a stool, but it doesn't happen daily, maybe once every few weeks if that....

I'll try to eat more Fiber, and see if the lumps re surface, hopefully they won't... I'll keep my post updated if anything changes !!!!

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