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Nortriptyline and Elevated Heart Rate with Low Blood Pressure

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I was recently placed on Nortriptyline 25 mg once daily before bed. I've been taking it since October 26. I'm an avid runner with a resting heart rate in the low 60s to mid 60s. The past week my heart rate has been increasing. I'm now 82 but when sitting my heart rate has trouble getting out of the low 100s. I've been light headed and I checked my blood pressure twice since yesterday and it's been borderline low. I got flagged a few times BEFORE the new medication for low blood pressure.  I see both of these are potential symptoms of the med. I can't speak with my doctor until Monday, but I'm going to drop my dose to every other day starting today. This isn't a side effect I can live with at all. 

Anyone else experience this from Nortriptyline?

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