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New to low fodmap diet


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Hey everyone. I've had IBS-C that turned IBS-D over the last few years. Unfortunately, accompanying the D, I've had issues with flatulence. It's been a total of 14 years that I've been suffering. I believe that I am gluten-intolerant because if I eat anything with wheat I am sick on the toilet for days. I am waiting on blood results from my GI. She said if it is positive for celiac disease she wants to do an endoscopy. I've only ever had a colonoscopy done and since they saw nothing they said I had IBS. That was 12 years ago. I am lactose intolerant, and can't even use lactaid milk because it still makes me sick. Ive been on the low fodmap diet for 4 weeks and while the D has stopped, I'm still experiencing the gas and that's even after eating the low fodmap foods. I'm highly allergic to eggs so whatever I eat, it can't have eggs and that's pretty hard. I am finding the diet very limited and I'm eating pretty much the same foods everyday. I need to know what I'm missing here because if the D stopped I'd assume the gas would as well but it hasn't. I'm hoping someone can pls help me out. Sorry this is so lengthy. Im just so depressed. 14 years is a long, long time. 

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