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FODMAP Stacker Calculator App


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I’ve been following the FODMAP diet through the elimination phase using pre-programmed recipes found all over the internet and Monash FODMAP website. I use the Monash app to check snacks and recipe modifications. 

The reintroduction phase is also relatively straightforward using the Monash app diary function. I’m now looking at the modified diet phase, but I’m finding it much harder to administer. Does anyone know of an app or website that does FODMAP stacking calculations?

For example, I want to be able to import or put in a recipe and the app then tell me the green, yellow, red level (percentage level) of each FODMAP group for the recipe. Looks like the following does it, but this service is clearly not targeted at the every day user. https://monashfodmapcalculator.com.au/


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