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I have had IBS-C as long as I can remember. I have NEVER had anything change my condition until 1st trying Azithromycin last year. It made my stool a constant soft stool (sometimes too soft for my comfort) and I still have abdominal pains so not sure what that is about. Within a month of that, I was told I could have some parasite from killing defensive flora, so they had me do a stool sample followed by take flagyl if it doesn't clear in a week. Well it didn't and I took the Flagyl. It cleared up the soft stool within a few days, and my IBS-C went back to normal. Then about 2 months later (ya, 2 months) the stool sample results came back normal. After this I tried lots of the other ibs medications... Diahrea and more results... Yay.

After a year of being back to normal with "crappy" results, I decided to try Azithromycin again. Just to see what would happen.

Instantly, my stool went back to soft. I feel different. I do worry it has a bad effect, but at the same time how would I know what normal is?

I am going to take the flagyl again soon, but something tells me there is a study that needs to be done here. What if some forms of IBS-C are just bacteria that can be killed but need to be dealt withby acertain antibiotic that doesn't kill everything. Somewhere in this thought is an answer to IBS-C that does not involve Linzess or other drugs I have tried since then. I may write a scientific report on this to get research going. I did read a few other post like this in the wirst place to look for information (internet). But it's a start!


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