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CARD to identify IBS-D sufferers?


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I live in France but I've lived in the USA for a while; I'm English.  I discovered in France that in grocery stores and stores like Darty - there are no toilets.  

If you ask the "accueil" (welcome desk) nicely if you can use their toilet they'll like to your face, even when you tell them it's "urgent" and tell you they don't have one or it's not working. 

Yesterday this happened to me so went running outside looking for somewhere to hide and defecate.  I suddenly saw a non-descript "shop"*, went in and asked them if I could ... told them I was told no next door and that it was an emergency.  They showed me theirs, 10 seconds late but nonetheless the accident was only small.  

First time I'd had an accident in 15 years. 

My best friend here works in the hospitality industry and tells me she has seen a card for people who suffer like us. 

I asked my gastroenterologist about it ... and she's oblivious to it.  Anyone know of such a thing?

I would love one.  To go along with my nonexistent handicap sticker for my car! :)

Oh, sorry, I am brand new here and so glad to find a support group ... don't know how I can help others but I'd love to.  

*BTW I'll visit the shop tomorrow with a six pack of paper, a fragrance jar and an Xmas card for them with 20E in it.  I feel like I owe it to tell them just how grateful I was/am for their kindness. 




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First thanks for your concern. :) :(

Had seen your card elsewhere.  But not in French.  So let me translate it. 

OMG.  If I translated it into French, could you reproduce into French?

I am making further enquiries tomorrow to see what law it is, if it is law?  Once I find that out, it would be even better to add said law to your card???

IBS is called SCI in France.  But how many would know?  Heck, if I didn't suffer, not sure I'd be the wiser?

Give me this evening after dinner to translate it.

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Holidays?  Did someone say holidays???  :)

Right you are ... 


Syndrome du côlon irritable
Pour cette raison médicale, je suis dans l’incapacité de me retenir ce qui m’oblige à rester proche d’un cabinet de toilette et d’y accéder d’urgence 
Merci pour votre compréhension 
Plus d’info: www.ibspatient.org
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Thank you so much for translating the card in French! I will be traveling to Paris in the next week and will keep this on my person at all times! I am hoping to not have to use it however…..

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