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Christmas with IBS


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Christmas with IBS

It was okay last year. I didn't have IBS (apart from one week in 2018) it had disappeared. I had family over and could eat anything.

But this year partly due to Covid, family are not coming. Thank goodness really. In UK traditional Christmas food is some roast meat, roast potatoes in duck fat, brussels sprouts, onion gravy, sage and onion stuffing (roasted) ....or something similar.....followed by Christmas pudding, mince pies etc.

It is really good tasty food. There always seemed to be  a magic about Christmas dinner.  A big part of the whole tradition -thing.

But this year I will be lucky to eat boiled eggs, steamed kale (maybe not even that) and toasted ciabatta.
Last night I risked a bit of steamed green end of leeks. There was less that half a small cupful, and that made me pay today, so can't imagine any of that Christmas food will work.
Unless Santa brings me a remission for the holidays! ...haha

What does everyone else do at Christmas dinner?

It can be difficult with families involved, especially family members you hardly ever see except at such celebrations. They are likely to look at your food and say "are you only going to eat THAT? Are you sure you haven't got that,,,,thing....anorexia??" .....and things like "I know you don't drink Sherry, but it's CHRISTMAS! Just have one. One won't hurt you!"

Or is Christmas a mega stress-producer? Which as most of us know, makes us tons worse.

Happy bellies to us all anyway, one way or another. Happy holiday.

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In Australia I’ve had many Christmas lunches and dinners with hearty roast meet, heavy gravy, plum puddings, etc.. recent years there’s been a big movement away from it. Many family members have gone vegetarian and no longer enjoy heavy meals. This year it’s all seafood and salads with a Japanese theme. Fits reasonable well with my modified fodmap diet. I must say, I’m one of the few family members left who wouldn’t mind the big glazed roast ham, roast beef, with duck fat potatoes, then plum pudding and trifle for dessert.  

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