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Hi I'm matt


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 Im mathew I haven't officially been diagnosed with anything yet but i have been symptoms that mirrors IBS so if this doesn't qualify me to be a part of this community I will understand. I been suffering this symptoms for about a year know. Im planning to see a doctor next payday. What would happen is after a meal i would get this sour burps I believe there are called wich thankfully give me a warning that im about to get a bad cass of diarrhea and this can last 1 to 3 days. After some public accident I became really paranoid going out of my Apartments unless i got some kind of protective underwear. Luckily for me my coworkers and managers are very understanding. I love the people i work with it so rare to have that famly connection in the work place especially and Retail. I have try diet change and it helped but not 100% moor like about 60%. I cut a good chunk of red meat and spicy foods and  more fruits and vegetables. I think it was the spicy foods is got me in this miss im shor. I hoping to find moor was to handle my symptoms and to not feel alone. I look forward to get to know you all.

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Jeffrey Roberts

Dear Matt,

So many ailments can appear like IBS so it is really important to see a doctor and be properly diagnosed.

There are some medications and non-medication treatments that can help with urgency and diarrhea. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Hypnotherapy have also found to be helpful.

Diet modification via the low FODMAP diet helps with bloating and it helps to limit the triggers that might be adding to diarrhea. You can investigate this to see if it helps if that's not the diet change you already made.

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