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Insurance dropped Amitiza


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Hello! I’ve been managing my IBS-C pretty successfully with Amitiza for about 2 years now. The first year it was covered by my insurance, $40 for 3 months. The second year they deemed it not preferred and I had to pay $80 for a 3 month supply. Not great but I did find a discount card and would submit for reimbursement. Now my insurance has completely stopped covering it and I’m distraught. Linzess made me so nauseous I couldn’t function. Tonight I tried Truelance and OMG! Does this get better?? I can never leave the house again?! I’m considering paying the full out of pocket to get my Amitiza back. Does anyone have any additional coupon sources? How can I get it down to $100 a month or so? I’ve read generic Amitiza might be coming soon? 

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