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Manuka Honey, helping somewhat


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Honey generally is high FODMAP so this might not be for everyone.

But I have found that eating Manuka honey is making some difference and helping me manage my symptoms. I decided to not worry about the FODMAPs and try it anyway. I bought a genuine medical grade New Zealand raw Manuka 400+ and take a teaspoonful 2 or 3 times a day.

It's expensive but I have found a lot of benefit, and that rather surprised me but it does continue. My gut is not anywhere near as upset, and bm's are far  more normal. The lower  belly distension I was getting has died down  and only rarely returns for a day or two.

Still get wind first thing in the morning! but not at all painful, and odourless. I am a lot less scared of going to the bathroom in the morning, and feel steadier generally first thing now. I think that the honey is also helping my general strength.

I prefer to take the honey on an empty stomach, and I eat it very slowly.

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Manuka honey has many other benefits other than helping you in your gut health. Glad to know that it is working for you.

I have read it somewhere that it also helps people dealing with seizures if it is taken daily with turmeric.

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Honey at greater than 1 tsp is high FODMAP irrespective if it is Manuka or not. And IBS is not an inflammatory disorder

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