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Change From IBS-D to IBS-C


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Has anyone else experienced a change from IBS—D to IBS-C?  This has happened to me after having the D stuff for a couple of years.  Then the change—no apparent reason.  I had managed the D pretty well with Low Fodmap diet which I am still following while I experiment with the various OTC meds for constipation.  But now I am wondering if this diet is supposed to work for the constipation problem too.  Do the same foods that caused diarrhea before now cause constipation?  Doesn’t seem to make sense.  (I have actually thought of having a nice serving of refried beans and guacamole which I’ve missed to see what happens!).   Any info would be much appreciated.

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Jeffrey Roberts

I can totally relate to your situation.

I was mostly IBS-D for many years and then slowly slid into IBS-M with occasional IBS-C. It certainly is confusing.

The low FODMAP diet does not seem to work as well for IBS-C as it does for diarrhea, but it should still help with bloating and perhaps abdominal pain.

Like you, I actually do think of taking advantage of the C days because it seem so liberating vs. the D days. I've learned that C has it's issues too.

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I had a client who had the same transition happen, although hers happened after menopause so that was potentially a contributing factor. Anyway, we did a GI Map stool test and she had H. Pylori plus some other dysbiosis. She is now going regularly and not having issues after I educated her about supplements that help with H Pylori (rather than triple antibiotic therapy, which can cause even more problems with dysbiosis).

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I am mostly IBS-D. I am not a severe case. I "go" only once and sometimes twice a day and stools are about 5 or 6 on the Bristol stool chart. That is not what always used to be my normal state at all, plus I do get other symptoms such as excess gas and lower belly distension at times. Fortunately nothing so far I can call real pain (except when I get attacks of proctalgia), but definitely discomfort.
Then sometimes for no reason I can figure out I get constipated.

It happened today. Suddenly it happens and something just switches from one thing to another. But usually it doesn't last very long before switching back. A couple of days most often.

I normally have to be very careful about how much fiber I eat, or it will go straight through me. But the brakes are off ....slightly....when the "C" comes to visit. I can then introduce many foods which I miss.  I can even tolerate legumes again and small pieces of apple.
But if I get the amounts wrong, then it swings back too far the other way.
Fun and entertainment.....this is not. But it's a blessing to be able to eat a few of the healthy foods I like again even for a couple of days or so.

I celebrated today with a handful of grapes, and a chickpea stew, and a bit of seed-grain toast instead of white bread. It's nice to have a change. But it would be worse if that was happening every day.

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