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Has anyone been prescribed Bentyl? How did it go? I am newly diagnosed, and quite honestly, don’t have a lot of faith in my current physician. Like many, I suppose, I had to pretty much self diagnose, after which he seemed to do some research on the topic (it was a telemedicine visit), and immediately prescribed Bentyl. I can go from soft stools in the morning to what feels like cement in my stomach in the afternoon, and this is usually when the pain starts. I see that Bentyl can cause  constipation. Also, I asked if this was something to take regularly or as needed, and he said “as needed,” though that’s not what the online description says. The prescription isn’t in yet, so I don’t know what his instructions will say. 

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Jeffrey Roberts

I have used Bentyl before. It is very similar to buscopan. Yes, you can take this as needed before meals, but yes, it can contribute to constipation. Since it causes the nerves in your gut not to be as active, things slow down in your digestive system and I think that is what contributes to constipation.

I mostly took it for abdominal pain and only when needed. I usually didn't have a problem of constipation from it, but occasionally, I didn't 'go' for days, I think because of it.

If you are thinking of treating the "cement in your stomach" feeling in the afternoons, I'm not sure this is the right medication, BUT, it can't hurt to try it and see if it helps. It is very short acting.

Why not ask your pharmacist to only give you 10 to try rather than filling the whole prescription.

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