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Severe abdominal pain

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Hi, I have a remission in my IBS-C symptoms after 10 years. I have extreme abdominal pain and cramping right before going to the bathroom and while there and after that. I have about 3 episodes of extreme pain and I screamed so much during one of the episodes that I lost my voice. I went to ER twice in the last 48 hours and they just gave me hydrocodone. The hydrocodone is not helping with the pain at all. I was wondering if anybody has similar IBS symptoms and what they did to manage the pain. Or maybe this is not IBS and it's something else. I did a colonoscopy 10 years ago and they did not find anything. 

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Jeffrey Roberts

Sorry to hear about your extreme pain. That sounds horrible.

Hydrocodone can be constipating which might have added to your troubles.

It seems like you need to be investigated by a gastroenterologist who can do a more thorough examination perhaps with a sigmoidoscopy.

Have you spoken to your family doctor about this? Do you think it would help if you had a more loose stool?

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