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Weird IBS symptoms

Melissa B

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I have some odd symptoms that come and go. I get stomach upset which includes mostly bloating in my upper abdomen and nausea, extreme dehydration even when drinking fluids and the water I drink feels like it just sits in my stomach, I wake up trembling and cold at night, and have difficulty sleeping. Has anyone else experienced these symptoms and can they be related to my IBS? I have never had these before the last couple of months.

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Have you spoken to your doctor about these symptoms?

There is a thing called "gastroparesis" when the stomach doesn't empty at a normal rate. Sometimes a doctor might prescribe a medication which helps motility, and relieves the symptoms.
Metachlopromide is a medication which helps that, but you would need to see a doctor to get it prescribed.

I think that can be linked to IBS, yes. But isn't always.

What kind of IBS do you have? The constipated kind or the diarrhea kind? Constipation can sometimes mean a slowed down GI motility an d that could also affect your stomach as everything slows.

I get weird symptoms too, I drink plenty of fluids daily but in the evening get very thirsty and can't stop drinking water! Then I wake up in the night with such a dry mouth. In the morning my stools are too loose. I don't think my intestines are absorbing the water efficiently.
But then I get times (weeks) when everything is perfect and normal so I forget about it until the next flare up.

And even though I get no pain, every time I have a flare I keep on and on waking up all night (disturbed sleep.) Like  my body senses something is out of balance and it can't relax properly.

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