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Left side pain with IBS


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Do you have pain in the lower abdomen left side? Or higher up? If it's higher, it possibly could be trapped wind in the splenic flexure? If you have a gastroenterologist maybe you could ask him/her about this pain.

Usually any IBS pain is relieved at times by a bowel movement or passing wind. If the pain is constant, I think it might be wise to speak to a doctor because it might be some form of inflammation perhaps.


I get a very frequent weird sensation in my lower left side.  That is not exactly pain in my case, but strange discomfort.

When it happens I know it's wind. If I lie down and look at my belly I can actually see it moving around. When it passes the discomfort eases. But it often feels like I have a rock stuck in there.



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I experience bouts of both constipation and diarrhea with my IBS. When I am experiencing constipation, it feels like there’s a build up of pressure in my lower left abdomen/side and until I can pass either wind or have a BM I find that the discomfort remains. It’s never constant, however. 

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Hi kim

I had a number of years with left side pain. 
I learned sometimes my gas would get stuck where the transverse colon and descending colon meet. It’s like a 90 degree turn at that juncture. I massaged my transverse colon moving gently to the left and down the descending colon. It took about 5 minutes or so to break up the gas. 
now I did for awhile have a prescription from my gastro to break up that gas. And it works. But massaging my abdomen (colon) is a very soothing feeling.  
for me I think I was eating too many short chained fermentable carbohydrates/sugars. Short chain carbs/sugars cause more gas in intestine. Learned that info from my FODMAP diet. Hope that helps

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