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The night (and day) from hell...but a flat tummy now!


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The night from hell ended in a flat tummy

I had been symptom free for one month. Unbelievably good.
The night before last I had the worst flare up ever. It got to the point where I was concerned. Constant #2's all through the night. It didn't wake me up, it started before I went to bed. I never go #2 at that time.

Blessed sleep at about 6am for 3 hours (thank goodness no accidents in bed!) then rinse and repeat the next day. I thought it would never end.
No appetite at all, and fasted all day except for some Manuka honey and herbal teas.

My mouth was so dry so I was dehydrated. Spent the day re-hydrating.

I tried a new thing; Blackberry leaf tea, and it helped SO much. It's an astringent and tightens things up a bit in a gentle way in the gut. I don't like takingĀ  things like Immodium.
Also chewing some Ceylon cinnamon and a piece of ginger root calmed things down a lot.

This morning all was well. Today, gut was making some strange noises a bit and my appetite wasn't great but I ate some real food and that's good. Easier since I got some food inside me.

Since that drama, I have had a nice flat tummy and bloating has gone. So has gas. (for now) One good thing then. Two, actually.
One bad thing ...my hands are badly dried up and scratchy from washing them all night long and all day after #2's. I have been rubbing almond oil in them.
My butt is so sore. It got to the point where wiping hurt very much, and I had to soak a wad of toilet paper in warm water to clean. I have no aloe vera gel.

I actually thought it had all gone away.....oops....nope! :(

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