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Two toned poop question


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Hello, not sure how to upload photos. Looks like it requires an url link.

Question about my bowel movements lately. For the last couple of months, they exhibit two tones of colors. Darker brown and light brown. The light brown comes in streaks. At first I thought it might be blood? But it is not really red and I don't get red on the toilet paper. Does anyone else have this symptom? It seems really weird to me, I thought it was just discoloration from the toilet water but it is not. I have ibs-c. Thanks for your feedback! :)

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Jeffrey Roberts

You can upload pics by dragging a pic into the editing window or using the paperclip and attach or choose a file.

Two toned stool is not all that unusual. The tone is caused by bile and transit time. The longer the stool travels through the colon, the tone changes from lighter colors to darker ones.

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