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Does estrogen play a role in IBS?


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IBS-M. I have been diagnosed with IBS as a child and had sx until age 40. Only a few flare-ups for 20 yrs, then age 60, came back with a vengeance; Currently it’s controlling my daily living. I either have diarrhea with left lower ab pains, bloating and lower back pains...or hard mucous stools, impaction, weakness, fainting and vomiting grn/brn liquid. Diet doesn’t seem to determine episodes. 

Since this occurs more with women, does estrogen play a part?

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I think it can.....

So sorry @Nee, that you are having such a rough time.

Vomiting green/brown liquid could be bile or something? I really don't know. But that isn't a common feature of IBS, I don't think (?)

Is there a chance right now of getting that checked out with a doctor? Just to be more on the safe side.

I am over 60 too. I am 68. My IBS didn't start until age 65. Then went away and came back 2020. In my case kind of triggered to come back I think because I got Covid....who knows? But I got a bit of it in 2018 too.
 Before that my gut was fine. Cast iron belly, and my diet was excellent.

Aren't post-menopausal women producing a LOT less estrogen?

Also, if it was connected with a drop in estrogen, it didn't come for me until 15 years after the menopause. I would have thought if there was a connection it would have happened sooner?

I remember when I had periods, I did sometimes get loose stools for a day or so at the same time as my period. But I never thought it was IBS. I didn't know about IBS then. I thought it just "went with the territory."

But I have heard that some women get IBS badly, connected with menstrual cycles.

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On 11/18/2022 at 1:19 PM, MaxJonas said:

It seems to me that your symptoms are most likely associated with elevated estrogen levels.

I had a similar problem, and it wasn't very good. I got tested and found that my estrogen levels were very high. One doctor advised me to take https://behemothlabz.com/product/arimistane-liquid drops. And it helped me a lot. My hormone levels returned to normal, and the unpleasant symptoms almost disappeared. So I think you need to get your estrogen levels tested.

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